Theme Weeks

Over the Cypsela's run, I have done several "theme weeks" -- weeks with five full-length posts, all focusing on a particular theme. In chronological order, the theme weeks have been:

Week of the Clones (1/23-1/27/12): plants that clone themselves, and some of the weirder ways that they do so

Carnivory Week (1/30-1/31 and 4/16-4/18/12): plants that eat animals, and the clever ways they trap their prey

Pollination Week I (TBA): how plants get animals involved in reproduction, and the ways they repay them for helping

Pollination Week II (TBA): how plants trick animals into helping them reproduce, and the ways the animals sometimes fight back

Tropisms Week (TBA): how plants grow into their environment, and the many ways they can sense it

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